Why is it worth doing a pregnancy photoshoot with family?


Some time ago I was looking for people willing for a pregnancy photo shoot, that I could use in my portfolio. I spoke to several women and there was always one timidly asked question that surprised me a lot – can my toddler also attend the session? There can be only one answer. Yes, totally yes! After all, the arrival of a new family member is a cause for celebration for everyone, including older siblings. And the family pregnancy photoshoot with the family is the perfect time for such a celebration.

Pregnancy photoshoot with family – the great time together

A family pregnancy session is not only about taking a few pictures … It can also be an unforgettable adventure for your family and an opportunity for great fun. For a while, you will be able to forget about everyday worries and problems. You will be able to spend a little different time with your partner and your children before the birth of a new family member turns your world upside down. This photoshoot is the perfect time to stop and appreciate that you have each other!

Bump photoshoot with children – the beautiful souvenir for years

Pregnancy is primarily about joyful waiting for a baby and experiencing everything together. And unposed photos from a pregnancy photo shoot with a toddler can be the next amazing family memento. Nothing can replace our memories, and the beautiful photos in the album will help you recreate them at any time. Also, your current belly tenant will see these photos one day… It will be amazing fun for your little one, to point with finger “myself” in the mummy’s belly and to see older siblings who were waiting for them with great impatience!

Family photoshoot – an excuse to talk to your toddler about pregnancy

An interesting idea for a family bump session is taking with you all important items related to the birth of your child. What items are we talking about? These can be baby shoes, your ultrasound scans, some small and cute baby clothes, or a funny T-shirt with the inscription “I’m a big brother”. These accessories can be an excuse to remind your toddler that their younger siblings are in your tummy, and they will be able to meet soon.

Family pregnancy photoshoot – the perfect idea for a series of family sessions

You don’t have to end your photoshoot adventure after a pregnancy session. Once your baby is born, you can think about a newborn lifestyle photoshoot, which can be a natural continuation of documenting other stages of your family life. Of course, it can refer (in a funny way) to the bump photoshoot. So you can get photographs from the “before and after” series.

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