– a few of my photo ideas

Natural lifestyle photoshoot

This is a session that can be done at home or outdoors. Without the use of lamps, backgrounds, and additional accessories.

I would like to photograph you and your loved ones during the simple moments together.
Firstly, it will be a lot of playing together, walking and having tickle fights. Secondly,  there will be many cuddles, kisses, and smiles.
So, fully expect to have fun on my shoots!

My portfolio

By entering this site, you’re probably thinking about establishing cooperation with me, and even if you don’t … thoughts about the session are going through your head. Choose the type of session you are interested in and get inspired!

Female photography

– delicacy – sensuality – self-love – 
inner strength – shots emphasizing your character –

Couple photography

– emotional sessions of lovers of all ages – spontaneous smiles – gentle gestures –
a lot of love and a pinch of craziness –

Pregnancy photography

– subtle and natural shoots – 
a touching story of a new love made of loving gestures –

Family photography

– no stress and no haste – 
the magic of emotions and inconspicuous details –