How to prepare for the newborn photoshoot at home?


Home sessions are as popular as studio ones, for good reason. A newborn photoshoot that takes place in your home, guarantees you and your baby the environment in which you feel best. A lifestyle session at your home eliminates the stress associated with being in “foreign territory”. This is important especially for small children, who feel safer and thus behave more freely and naturally. At your home your family life takes place, and here I will be able to capture the authentic and natural emotions, that accompany you on your new adventure.

Preparation for the newborn photoshoot at your home – my few tips

First of all, a home newborn session is always tailored to you, to your family’s rhythm of life. I am aware of what family life is like in the first months after the birth of a baby. Especially if it is your first child and this is a completely new situation for you all. That’s why I do not require any great preparations or ‘pre-holiday cleaning’ from you. My photographs are primarily intended to capture your emotions, closeness, intimacy, and the connection in your first weeks spent together with the baby. Everything else should be set aside.

What is the best time for the newborn photoshoot at home?

I want to assure you that there are no top-down guidelines regarding the age of your child, which you want to capture in photos. Whether the baby is two weeks or two months old, is irrelevant to me. During the lifestyle newborn photoshoot, the baby will not be put into special positions which would require the infant to sleep or be left still. The session will go naturally, with its rhythm, whether your baby is sleeping in your arms or needs to be fed. Are you afraid that your kid will be grumpy or start to cry? It’s not unusual at this age. We will give them a moment to rest and calm down while feeding or lulling.

How to prepare your home for a newborn session?

The most important thing is that your home should have natural light. If you do not live underground and have some windows, everything should be fine. Before the newborn session, I will ask you to decide in which part of your apartment the session should be performed. Most often they are the brightest rooms in your home – a living room, bedroom, or a baby’s room. If you are not sure which room will work for you, I will be happy to advise you. Before the session, you can clear the space around which photos will be taken. However, there is no need to go crazy with big clean-ups. Just bury unnecessary items – cables, hanging clothes, prams, etc. It is also worth minimizing the number of things in each room, so they will not distract you. On the day of the photoshoot, it happens that I do a little rearrangement, move, or hide something, but don’t worry – I will not make a big revolution.

What to wear for the home newborn photoshoot?

There is only one golden rule – your outfit and makeup should not obscure the true essence of a newborn home photoshoot – capturing your emotions. Your outfits are up to you. The most important thing is that you should feel as much comfortable and free as possible, but also self-confident and special. From my experience, I can advise you that all light, neutral and plainclothes (without large inscriptions and intense patterns) work best. When it comes to your baby, you should focus primarily on their comfort. I want your little one to feel natural in their clothes and not to be annoyed by anything. In my opinion, the best option is always simply one-colour body + accessories in the form of sweet hats, headbands, etc. Of course, you can prepare a few sets in advance, which we will be able to swap during the session.

Preparation for the newborn photoshoot at your home – the most important factor

Just like in any other session – it’s all about your good mood! But in this case, this is extremely important. Your baby will sense immediately if mummy or daddy are stressed and will automatically become anxious as well. So, take a deep breath, relax and… enjoy your new adventure!

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