5 reasons to have an engagement photoshoot
(and 1 really personal „why”)


Close-up of the engagement ring, and in the background kissing couple during the photo session.

The courtship is an important stage of your love story, and the engagement photoshoot can be its crowning achievement. This pre-wedding session can take place outdoors or in the comfort of your home, or in any other place important for your relationship. If you think about this type of session, check out my top 5 reasons not to delay!

The man looks at his fiancée affectionately during the session.

1. A great training before the wedding session

I know exactly how difficult is to be relaxed in front of the camera lens when we don’t have the modelling experience. That’s why it is worth taking part in an engagement photoshoot and getting used to the presence of the photographer. During the session, you will have time to get to know yourself and your photographic preferences. Most of all, you will find out that the sessions are all about fun! And thanks to that you will feel less stressed during your wedding session.

The smiling woman embraced by her fiance during a photoshoot.

2. A session tailored perfectly to your individual love story

The engagement photoshoot with me is always 100% tailored to you. With touching photos, I want to emphasize your love story and make your dreams come true. The nature of the session depends only on you. Dress the way you like – choose an outfit in which you feel comfortable but special. The engagement photoshoot location also depends entirely on you. Favourite beach, nearby forest, or park where you ran into each other for the first time? We can make your craziest ideas come true!

The engaged couple hugs each other and smile tenderly during the photoshoot.

3. Breaking the ice with your wedding photographer

For me, the most important part of the engagement photo shoot is the possibility of get knowing you. During the pre-wedding shoot, you can check how I work and if you feel comfortable in my company. Thanks to this, on the wedding day or during your wedding session, I will not be longer a stranger to you. I will be someone who you can trust.

The happy couple opens a bottle of champagne during a photo session.

4. The perfect idea for a date

We are very busy in our everyday life, and a large part of our time revolves around routine activities. Do you have time for yourself in the rush of daily tasks? The engagement photoshoot can be a great and innovative idea to spend valuable time together. During the session, you can focus on your beloved one. You can look deeply into their eyes and fall in love all over again. And an additional advantage of this date idea will be touching photos of you two. What more could you want?

An amused couple celebrates their engagement by shaking champagne near Draycote Water.

5. Photos from the engagement photoshoot as a gift for parents

One of the most beautiful reasons to take part in the engagement photo shoot is to use the photographs as a “thank you” gift to your parents, for everything you owe them. Nothing will give them more joy than a personalized photo album that shows YOU, your love and joy, and the happiness of being together.

The man picked up his smiling fiancée during the photo session.

+ A wonderful souvenir from the engagement time

There is one thing about the pre-wedding preparations that I regret very much… Unfortunately, in the multitude of tasks related to the organization of a wedding at a distance, we forgot about the engagement photoshoot. And now, looking through our family albums, I can see how few photos we have from this beautiful time. Don’t make our mistake! I think it is worth keeping this moment for longer. The pre-wedding session may be the last opportunity to capture the unique time before the marriage.

An engaged couple hug on the shores of Draycote Water.

I hope you’ve noticed that the engagement session is all about fun. Write to me if you would like to book your shoot or if you have any questions related to this. I can’t wait to hear your love story!