How to travel in 2021? Let’s try a local trip!

How to travel in 2021? Let’s try a local trip!

How to travel in 2021? Let’s try a local trip!


Together with my husband, we are great lovers of travel. Or rather, we were before the pandemic turned our lives upside down over a year ago. In the last few days, I started to wonder again what will happen to our passion in the next few months? Travelling in 2021 will surely be more complicated and unpredictable. We are faced with a difficult choice related to our safety and health. Is there a chance that we will go somewhere abroad this year? We don’t know that, so this is time for plan B, which is a local trip around our beautiful country.

Local trip – the opportunity to rediscover the nearest area

By choosing trips to local attractions, you have a chance to get to know the culture of the local inhabitants much closer, as well as appreciate the charms of the nature surrounding you, which until now tourists from more distant places could admire endlessly. Getting to know the local cuisine again can be one of the most enjoyable moments of your trip. Feel like a tourist and check what attractions are waiting for you when you go just a few dozen kilometres from your place of residence.

Local trips – a spontaneous adventure

Local trips allow for much more spontaneity. All you have to do is look out the window, check the weather and you can start a small trip right away. Such impulsive decisions are conducive to discovering interesting gems of local nature and culture. Even during a simple trip through the area, you can come across small charming towns or previously unexplored forest trails. You can take the bus you use daily at the end of its route or travel several dozen kilometres away to completely cut off from civilization. And to find yourself in a completely different world.

Local trip – the great time saving

You don’t have to plan complicated trips, worry about tickets and reservations. You don’t have to make a long flight or spend a few hours checking in. When you start to get tired of the trip, you can just stop it and be home in a matter of hours. And if you have more free time, you can stay longer in one place. If you do not have strictly imposed return dates, you can decide to extend your stay for how long you want.

Local trips – extremely low costs

The low cost is by far the biggest advantage of local trips focused within a radius of several dozen kilometres from the place of residence. You can save on plane tickets, on expensive hotels, on paid attractions. Because interesting journeys are not only distant trips but also weekend or one-day trips, which you may repeat more often. Thanks to that you can see much more within a month or a year.

If you love travelling, sometimes it can be worth going to places that you have at your fingertips. It may turn out that uniqueness does not depend on how far we are from home, but on whether we can see the beauty around us.