and I can be your photographer!

I never thought of becoming a photographer, photography has found me. I love it when something is happening around me and I keep coming up with new challenges. I am passionate about many things. I try to constantly develop. I enjoy meeting new people and their stories. I love nature and simple gestures that express great feelings.

Natural unposed photography makes it all possible.

I’m a great dreamer, searcher, and thinker. And that’s the key to my photos – I create them for people like me. For dreamers and seekers. For romantics and lovers. For adventurers. And for everyone who wants to preserve magic in everyday life…

It seems to me that this is not a passion for photography, but for telling stories and I’d love to hear yours.

Apart from being a self-taught photographer,

I am above all a sister, friend and … wife. My husband Grzesiek is my technical and spiritual support, and if necessary – your second photographer.

Together we are a combination of peace and chaos, order and clutter, extrovert and introvert.

Nevertheless, we have many common points. We love to travel, cook and eat together (with an emphasis on eating) and play more and more board games. We enjoy family adventures and woodland walks in Rugby and its surroundings.

A few of my secrets

I’m a fan of unusual flavour combinations.
Who normally eats burgers with …peanut butter and marmalade?

A few of my secrets

I dream of being a digital nomad. Work from anywhere in the world, the whole world at your fingertips.
Amazing, yeah? As I write this, I get chills.

A few of my secrets

I’m a book freak.

In my spare time, I devour one book after another. Astrology, modern construction, glass blowing, art history, space flights and more – everything fascinates me.

A few of my secrets

I have a very good memory for completely unimportant things.
I remember on which page of the notebook I wrote a particular thing, but I always have issues with finding my phone…

A few of my secrets

I’m a pretty good storyteller.
In my head, I constantly create hundreds of scenarios, conversations and situations. Happily or unhappily, most of which will probably never happen.

A few of my secrets

I love to plan everything, write down everything, create lists and draw tables.
All life planned in a notebook? Why not?!

A few of my secrets

For me, Quattro Formaggi pizza is a cure for all evil.
But why doesn’t my bathroom scale support this?

A few of my secrets

I get emotional very easily.
TV advertising with puppies? I’ve already lost …

A few of my secrets

When I grow up, I would like to live in the ’80s. And no one can tell me it won’t happen!

A few of my secrets

I hate the smell of coffee.
I haven’t had a single cup of coffee in my life and I’m not going to!

I love:

non-obvious photoshoots
and wild ideas!

Each of them can be realized.
We just need to think together…